Our Container Materials Recycling Facility

Designed to increase the recovery of high quality materials from a dual stream recyclates mix our Container Materials Recycling Facility can help Local Authorities deliver their commitment to the Household Recycling Charter and associated code of practice. Whilst reducing costs and maximising value of recyclates.

Dual Stream recycling 

The plant has been designed to efficiently sort mixed household containers.

The facility benefits from an electro magnet to recover steel prior to entering a three stage glass screen which processes glass into 50mm cullet and separates it out. Following this, the materials move over a two-metre wide eddy current to separate aluminium and non-ferrous from the plastics, both streams are then further processed through the quality control cabin, to remove any non-target material that may have been missed in the pre-sort. There is scope for further separation of Tetra-Pak if required.

The facility also houses a multi-purpose two ram high capacity Baler to allow us to efficiently bale the metals and plastic prior to export from site.

dusl stream mixed waste recycling facility

Materials recovered

  • Mixed Plastic Bottles, Pots, Tubs & Trays
  • Tetra Pak
  • Glass – All Container Types
  • Steel
  • Aluminium

Consistent Quality

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our off-takers have to  say:

The aluminium used beverage containers (UBC’s) supplied by Levenseat Ltd are some of the best quality UBC’s we purchase from our supplier base. This is testament to the work performed by Levenseat Ltd when they are segregating recyclable materials at the Company’s Materials Recycling Facility

Mathew Borkin, Operations Director

Borcan Ltd

The mixed plastic bottle, tubs and trays received from the container MRF at Levenseat are one of the best quality mixed bottle materials available In the UK. The material is consistently clean and our plant is able to easily sort it into the various polymer types, with little to no contamination, and minimal out throws.

Aidan Brooker, Purchasing Manager


Levenseat have worked closely with the us, to supply of screened and cleaned glass derived from their MRF. The quality enables Viridor’ s glass plant to use this input material to produce high-quality end of waste glass cullet for the remanufacture of new glass in Scotland, supporting the circular economy.


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