Mixed Waste Recycling

We provide dual stream recycling designed to maximise recovery of high quality materials. 

Energy from Waste 

Our facility consist of an advanced Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and a Combined Heat and Power plant to deliver the optimum solution to recover value from residual waste and maximise diversion from landfill.

Aggregate Recovery

Our screening and wash plant is designed to recover and clean aggregate products from inert waste.

We recover high quality aggregate from a range of difficult waste streams, including: gully waste, street sweepings, construction & demolition waste and contaminated soils.

Organic Waste

An environmentally friendly method for handling a range of organic waste streams including green waste, food waste, sludges and co-mingled food and garden waste recycling. 

Difficult Waste 

We recycle tyres, mattresses and other waste streams that are considered difficult to process

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