Why? Because Energy from Waste is an essential part of the solution

Our Energy from Waste facility, recovers recyclates, produces a fuel, generates energy and utilise the heat produced. 

Energy From Waste

A project like no other, we have built in a front end recover facility to ensure materials that can be recycled are recovered first. Energy is recovered from non-recyclable material.

Levenseat Renewable Energy

A team of like minded partners have come together to build a solution for reducing waste to landfill and producing energy from a material once considered waste.

Key Facts & Faqs 

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Project Updates

As the project develops we will be keeping our communities informed with news bulletins and locally held events. 

Energy from Waste

Once all efforts have been made to recover recyclable material from the waste stream, the next best option is to recovery energy from the remaining waste. This not only means we are recovering value from resource, we are also diverting waste from landfill and helping to contribute to Scotland’s renewable energy targets. 

Our Waste Treatment Facility

Our facility consist of an advanced materials recovery facility and a combined heat and power plant, designed to recovery value from residual waste and maximise diversion from landfill. 

Step 1 Front end Recovery Facility to Achieve High Recycling Rates

Materials such as wood, cardboard, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, mixed plastics, paper and inerts are all recovered and diverted back into the manufacturing or construction industries.

The remaining waste, is then prepared into a fuel known as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). This fuel is made to a specific, detailed standard to ensure a clean and efficient conversion process and to minimise production of ash and other by-products.

Step 2 Energy Recovery

Our Power Plant provides an environmentally responsible means of producing reliable baseload electricity. The Plant uses non-recyclable waste as a fuel, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, the need for landfill and cutting emissions.

See Inside our Materials Recovery Facility

Developed as a merchant facility located at our Levenseat site in Central Scotland, we are well placed to process household waste from multiple local authorities as well as commercial waste from the private sector.

Key components of our advanced materials recycling facility

The facility will treat waste as a resource and recover materials that can be reused or recycled.

materials recycling facility in Scotland


To maximise recovery rates the facility will be equipped with, a Machinex trommel, a waste screen, three air separators, two Machinex ballistic separators, three Machinex MACH Hyspec optical sorting units, one fluidised bed dryer, four shredders and two Machinex single-ram balers.

The Trommel

Helps to distribute throughput to provide a more efficient sorting process, therefore enhancing recovery of materials




Key components of our Energy from Waste Power Plant

Energy from waste has a vital role to play in the waste management hierarchy – diverting material from landfill, recovering value from resources, and reducing Scotland’s reliance on fossil fuels.

energy from waste power plant in scotland


Some key facts about our energy from waste power plant, for more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Levenseat Renewable Energy Limited

Levenseat Renewable Energy Limited is an offshoot from Levenseat Ltd. The Company was established specifically for the development of Energy from Waste and associated infrastructure.  

Energy From Waste -Community news

Learn all about energy from waste at www.learnwithlevenseat.co.uk

Community update & Other new projects

Community update & Other new projects

Community Update

Commissioning update & Other new projects

Hot commissioning update  & plans for phase 2

Community Update

Construction update & Steam Blowing

Information Event

Local Road Show in Forth & Fauldhouse

Information Event

Open Day with tour of the facility and recruitment info

Information Event

Drop – in Sessions

Educational site officially launched

If you are interested in learning more about how your waste is recycled and the energy form waste process, please visit our educational resource by clicking the button above.

Emissions Monitoring

Emissions are monitored directly by our Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS). This system is fitted inside the stack so it monitors the flue gas before it is released into the atmosphere. The majority of our emissions are compounds of normal air like steam, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. For the very small remainder of emissions, they go through a sophisticated treatment process that ensures emissions remain well below all relevant standards.


No emissions for the months of June, November or December due to planned plant maintenance. 


No emissions for July, due to planned plant maintenance. 


If you have any questions please get in touch via the contact form below, alternatively you can email us at enquiries@levenseat.co.uk


If you have any questions please get in touch via the contact form below, alternatively you can email us at enquiries@levenseat.co.uk

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