Nutrient Rich

By using a range of specific feed-stocks we create a nutrient rich product

Free from Pathogens and Contamination

we sample our compost in accordance with the pas 100 specifications.


Our in vessel compost is matured for a minimum of 12 weeks

Levenseat Compost

Levenseat Compost is able to provide a short term ‘hit’ of nutrients followed by a slow release over an extended period.

Use on our own farms has shown this material to be ideal for use in agriculture as it increases fertility while replacing chemical fertilisers.

Our compost is BSI pas 100 compliant which means you are buying a product that is guaranteed to be high quality, everything from the selection of materials from which compost is made to the processing and storing of compost and even how it is labelled are monitored and produced to the PAS 100 standards.

Dependant on application, various screened grades are available, we can advise on a case by case basis, however our standard grade is 20mm down which is ideal for application on agricultural land and incorporation into soils.

Delivery can be arranged as required.

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