innovative Ash solutions

A sustainable solution for the treatment of ash- by-products produced during the energy recovery process at energy from waste facilities. 

Inert Waste Recycling

A dedicated screening and washing plant designed to recover clean aggregate products from inert waste. By developing a robust process we are able to recover aggregate from a range of difficult wastes such as gully waste, sweepings, construction & demolition waste and contaminated soils.

A Bit of Background

Recent legislative and policy changes in both coal fired power stations and in the landfilling of biodegradable municipal waste have shifted the dynamics in power generation in the UK.

The ban on landfilling of biodegradable waste in Scotland has meant a number of new Energy from Waste (EFW) plants are now being built and commissioned to meet the needs of the Waste Management Industry, and power transmission in the UK. Instead of going to landfill residual wastes can be combusted in purpose-built facilities to generate heat and electricity. The process can power innovations like district heating schemes replacing the use of fossil fuels and providing locally generated power.

EfW, like all other combustion plants, creates a by-product, including air pollution control residue, or APCR. With the EfW industry maturing to meet the national demand, APCR production in Scotland alone is expected to exceed 60,000 tonnes per annum. At Levenseat, we’ve found a way to treat and recycle APCR as a replacement for low strength cementitious products.

Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) recycling 

IBA is ash from the bottom of an Energy from Waste Power Plant and is produced during the combustion process of waste during the energy recovery process. IBA is a heterogeneous material containing a mixture of concrete, metals, ceramics, glass, brick and fused materials.

The Process

The process involves screening the ash and the use of magnets and magnetic separators to:

Recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals which will be smelted down to produce new metal products

Produce aggregate that can be used for engineering purposes

Treatment Of Air Pollution Control Residue

Energy from waste facilities recover energy from residual, non-recyclable wastes. Similar to when coal is burned to produce heat and power, waste is combusted into hot gases to recover energy. The exhaust combustion gases are then treated to remove contaminants. These contaminants are then removed as a solid ash known as APCr

The Process

A fully patented process we can treat and recycle APCr as a replacement for low strength Cementous products . Our process has been granted end of waste status from the Scottish Environmental Protection Authority, certifying our product as a true like-for-like replacement for Cementous products. 


zero waste 

Recovering precious metals and other valuable resources from IBA and APCr and diverting resource from landfill.

sustainable low carbon products

With the achievement of end of waste we have created a sustainable low carbon product that is a direct replacement for low strength cementitious products. 

minimises environmetal impact

Reducing the country’s reliance on imported cement products that are currently the 3rd highest man made carbon emitter. 

cost effective

A cost effective solution for treatment of IBA and APCr from the energy from waste industry.

aggregate recovery 

Recovering a quality recycled aggregate for use in the construction industry, reducing the need to quarry for virgin materials. 

partnership approach

Facilitating collaboration and knowledge transfer between the waste & construction industries, policy makers and academia.


Working together for maximum impact this project has brought together partners across the waste industry, the construction industry and academia to ensure a solution that has strong competitive advantage and the power to commercialise. 

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Innovative Ash Solutions

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