Aggregate Recovery

At Levenseat we have a dedicated screening and washing plant designed to recover and clean aggregate products from inert waste.  By developing a robust process we are able to recover good quality aggregate from a range of difficult wastes such as gully waste, sweepings, construction & demolition waste and contaminated soils.

The Wash Plant

Our wash plant is designed to recover clean aggregate fractions from mixed inert materials. Wastes processed by the wash plant will be those which contain a significant aggregate fraction which can be recovered for re-use.

The plant is uniquely configured to process difficult materials containing a high proportion of organic or other non inert contaminants. All water in the process is recycled and the plant produces graded sand, washed gravel and a silt fraction in a pressed cake form. This enables a very high level of recovery and reuse, these products are sold to market or used in production of our Lev-co blocks.

Inert Recovery Plant

Designed to process even the most challenging of waste streams our Inerts recovery plant has helped us maximise the recovery of materials.

By separating metal and other contaminants such as plastics and organics we produce a cleaned aggregate suitable for recovery through further processing.

This system has a high throughput and can process skip waste fines, street sweepings, gully waste, site clearance and contaminated aggregates.

The Wash Plant

Designed to recover clean aggregate fractions from mixed inert materials.

Lev-co Blocks

Made from recycled aggregate recovered from our wash plant

Contaminated Soils

We can offer a range of treatment options for contaminated soils, dependent on the type of contaminants including bioremediation and stabilisation.

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