• Innovative Ash Solution announce end of waste accreditation for Air Pollution Control Residue
  • First company in Scotland to receive the accreditation from SEPA for APCr treatment
  • A fully patented process, that will provide an alternative to landfill for the waste industry and produce a much-needed product for the construction industry, leading the way to a more sustainable Scotland.
  • The venture has brought together experts from the waste and construction industries and the academic world.

New Scottish start-up company, Innovative Ash Solutions Ltd has been awarded End of Waste accreditation for the manufacture of a civil engineering product from Air Pollution Control residues (APCr).

The award by the country’s environmental regulator, SEPA, permits 100% replacement of a non-waste product for use in civil engineering projects.

This ground-breaking achievement paves the way for the treatment of APCr in Scotland, avoiding the need for expensive transportation out of the country for treatment and disposal. It will also remove the requirement for any of this waste to end up in landfill.

An added bonus is the manufacture of a locally produced, sustainable feedstock for Scottish civil engineering companies, helping to improve the resilience of that sector, reducing reliance on imports and cutting carbon emissions.

Innovative Ash Solutions is a joint venture between Levenseat Ltd, one of Scotland’s largest independent resource management companies, and Organic Innovative Solutions Ltd

Innovative Ash Solutions co-founder and Director, Rob Green said “We are thrilled to be the first company in Scotland to receive End of Waste accreditation for APCr treatment in this application. It’s been a collaborative process involving the University of Strathclyde, Scottish Enterprise and the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, to whom we are very grateful. It now means that we can make a significant contribution to the Circular Economy by manufacturing a much-needed product from a hazardous waste, in Scotland and for the benefit of Scottish companies.”

This milestone is particularly important to Levenseat, who have a long-standing commitment to developing new waste solutions, it’s often the first to bring new treatment technologies to the market, leading the way to a more sustainable Scotland and the transition to net zero by 2045.

Angus Hamilton, Managing Director at Levenseat, commented “With the EfW industry maturing to meet the national demand, APCR production in Scotland alone is expected to exceed 60,000 tonnes per annum. We have found a way to treat and recycle APCR as a replacement for low strength cementitious products. As well as being an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to landfilling, the product created from the treatment of APCR will replace ash derivatives from coal-fired power stations. 75% of Longannets ash derivatives were used in the construction industry, this resource is no longer available, with alternatives being imported. The product produced will assist in meeting the demand for these diminishing resources.”

The Company is now focused on commissioning its first production facility and marketing its services to the growing Energy from Waste and Wood Biomass sectors in Scotland and the north of England. Once commissioned the project will create a number of green jobs including opportunities for Apprenticeships and Graduate training positions.



  1. APCr  (air pollution control residues) is a hazardous waste that is produced as a result of cleaning the flu gases in Energy from Waste and Wood Biomass facilities.
  2. All APCr currently produced in Scotland is exported to England for treatment and disposal 

About Levenseat

Levenseat Limited is a Recycling & Resource Management company based in Central Scotland. With over 35 years’ experience, Levenseat has established a reputation for reliability, accessibility and innovation. We are committed to developing new waste solutions to provide customers with an environmentally, socially and economically beneficial solution. With the construction of our new plant, together with our wider established facilities, we will be delivering to the market Scotland’s largest integrated facility providing treatment and recovery for a wide range of waste materials.


Organic Innovative Solutions (OIS)

OIS works with the Resource Management Industry to help our clients find engineering and operational solutions to problems that impact on the bottom line or health and safety and environmental compliance. We have a unique blend of skills and experience in problem solving, business analytics, engineering, project management and construction quality assurance to help clients reduce costs, increase revenue and improve compliance

Innovative Ash Solutions (IAS)

Innovative Ash Solutions is a 50/50 Joint Venture owned by Levenseat Ltd and Innovative Organic Solutions Ltd. The Joint venture was formed in 2019 when OIS were looking for a strategic partner to commercialise its patent for the treatment of air pollution control residues (APCR). With interest form national and international firms, OIS were impressed by the vision, innovation and values that Levenseat embraced and the companies teamed up to create a new joint venture, Innovative Ash Solutions (IAS).

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