Levenseat will be conducting steam blowing to the pipelines and equipment at the Levenseat Renewable Energy Power Plant on the 13th July. The Steam blowing is required as part of the maintenance procedure following repair work to the system.

Essentially, we are steam cleaning part of the system before we recommence operations. This is necessary to ensure any rust and debris from welding/fabrication is flushed out of the pipework to ensure the steam is as clean as possible for connecting to the high speed turbine, avoiding any potential damage to the turbines and to ensure reliable power generation. Cleaning the pipes in this way will not cause any environmental hazards and there will be approximately 4 short steam blows throughout the day. As part of this process, steam emissions may be visible, please be assured that it is only steam (water vapour) that is being emitted and although visible, it is not harmful. With regard to noise, we will be monitoring the noise levels during the cleaning period and Levenseat will undertake noise mitigation to reduce and control the noise levels.

SEPA are aware that we are carrying out this procedure and we will be keeping them informed throughout the process.

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For further information on the steam blowing process you can contact us at news@levenseat.co.uk